The best blush bouquets

Photo by Buckeye Blooms

Photo by Buckeye Blooms

If there's any one trend among Ohio brides, it is definitely their love of blush colored blooms for their big day.  For the past three seasons, we've made more bouquets in blush hues than any other color. Paired with greens, whites and grays, these pale pastel pink shades combine to create super-feminine and ultra-romantic bouquets.  

We're always on the lookout for new flowers in blush colors, but there are a few we grow year after year. For spring weddings, we absolutely adore 'Angelique' tulips, as their ruffly, double flowered blooms look more like peonies than tulips.  In late spring and early summer, the queen of the cutting garden, the peony, puts on her show. As one of our biggest crops, we cut hundreds of these fragrant blooms from our field for weddings all across Western Ohio. Once the summer heat starts up, we cut loads of lisianthus and 'Cafe au lait' dahlias.  With dramatic, dinnerplate-sized blooms, the "Cafe's" take center stage in many of our bridal bouquets. In the fall, we harvest mums, of course. But they are definitely NOT your typical, boring grocery store mums. Coming in many unusual forms and colors, these old fashioned favorites have become a hot commodity--especially the blush ones. 

From April through October, we grow dozens of varieties of flowers so that whatever the season, we will have lots of blush beauties (or whatever your color palette may be) to use in our distinctive fresh-from-the garden bouquet designs.   

The gallery below features some of our very best blush bouquets.   

Planning a wedding?  Be sure to check out our portfolio and complete our inquiry form.  We'd love to grow and design flowers---in blush or whatever color palette you prefer--for your special day!