Rock a Bye Baby Shower

Posted by Susan

In case you didn't get the memo:  there's another baby boom underway.  Or it feels that way, at least.  2013 was also a banner year for babies (especially for me and several of my best-ies) but 2015 is shaping up to be another big year:  baby bumps are everywhere in my friendiverse. Now that I'm (mostly) over my baby shower phobia, I am happy to report on yet another fun and fabulous little party that mom and I helped to plan for two very dear friends who are expecting their first little bundle of joy next month.  

The theme for Megan & Aaron's couple shower:  Rock and Roll, baby!   This super cute couple met in college and used to play in a band together. With Megan on cello and Aaron on drums, ThouShaltNot toured college towns (and some bigger venues too) playing their unique blend of post-punk, goth, industrial and synth pop music....(that definition was courtesy of Wikipedia.  Seriously.  Look it up).  Just finding out that fun fact made planning this music-themed soiree even more festive.  

The super talented folks at Toddle Squat Bakery baked up some seriously delicious and ridiculously cute cupcakes which were topped with records bearing the band name and original record label, Dancing Ferret Discs.   Meanwhile, my mom made some of her famous sugar cookies that were cut out in the shape of music notes and iced in hot pink and black.  (Black frosting + toddlers = fun!) We also had Pop Rocks, chocolate covered pretzel "drumsticks" plus lots of other pink and black candy covering the decked out dessert table.    

Oh, yeah, and we had food, too!  (I happen to love dessert, so I tend to want to talk about it.  A lot.)   Any creativity lacking in the savory fare was hopefully made up for in our original signage.  

And yes, there *might* have been some drinking involved when the planning committee was coming up with some of the signs.  They happened to be a huge hit at the party, as I saw several people snapping photos of the signage. 

Other decor for the event included records suspended from the ceiling and as part of the centerpieces...and of course lots of flowers from the farm!  The dinner plate dahlias attracted quite a crowd of adoring admirers.  We kept to a simple pink and white palette for the flowers which included lots of cafe au lait dahlias, lisianthus and queen red lime zinnias.  

After my friend and fellow host, Michelle, and I unsuccessfully tried to rent black tablecloths, we ended up scoring some clearance black fabric at JoAnn's and even a few yards at a garage sale the day before.  It was a lucky break, for sure.  We were able to buy enough fabric for all the tables for less than what we would have paid to rent them---plus we now have some fun fabric to craft up something cool for baby Fuleki in the future.  


Other highlights of the day included a great play space for the kiddos to go wild and make music of their own with miniature instruments.  Professor Brady led a rousing round of  "name that tune" featuring rock songs made into lullabies; and the couple opened some some creative and super-cute music-themed gifts.  In lieu of signing a generic guest book, attendees were given a blank card  to create a personalized birthday message to baby Fuleki.  Each card had a number that corresponded to the birthday on which it would be given--which we thought would be a meaningful way to share our love and support long after she outgrows her onesies.  

It was a beautiful day and a fun way to shower the expectant parents with music, flowers, food, friends and love.  

Floral & event design:  Buckeye Blooms

Cupcakes:  Toddle Squat Bakery

Venue:  Bryn Du Mansion  

Catering:  MNB Wellness Consulting

Photos:  Buckeye Blooms & MNB