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Buckeye Blooms is a small family farm that specializes in high quality cut flowers that we grow utilizing sustainable practices. Our farm-based studio offers floral design services for weddings, events and special orders.  Buckeye Blooms is dedicated to providing unique and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional flowers.  We offer seasonal blooms--including many unusual, romantic, nostalgic and fragrant varieties that thrive in Ohio. Because our flowers come to you straight from our farm rather than a greenhouse half the world away, our blooms offer deep, vibrant colors, lasting beauty and the authentic fragrance of fresh flowers.


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, which means winter is upon us and our season has wound down and we have put our flower beds (and our backs) to rest for the winter.  It's been a great growing season--our best yet!  Over the next few months, we'll be planning our flower crop for 2015.  If you're getting married next year, we'd love to custom grow flowers for your special day!  Contact us to set up a free wedding flower consultation. 

Buckeye Blooms is one of the "farmer florists" featured in the new book, Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers  Read our press release. And be sure to check out our floral design portfolio with dozens of pages of beautiful wedding designs from the past season.  

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